Small towns - so boring!! NOTHING to do - RIGHT?!!  Wrong! At least wrong in Lufkin, Texas, this past Saturday.

Between the Lufkin Downtown Hoedown with its variety of arts, crafts, food vendors, entertainment, kids activities, and Free Day at the Zoo;  followed by the  'Color of Life'  Art Show in the evening, the problem became choosing where and how to best make the most of every minute of the gorgeous day at hand.

And if you opted to stay home and live vicariously through your t.v., you missed a sizzling, colorful night - both literally, and figuratively.

Live music opened the evening,  hosted by the Changing Lives Dance Center, as locally renowned guitarist Bryan Harkness played and sang popular songs, followed by Joe Cuellar with his own unique style and blend. People listened or milled around snacking on the ample supply of mouth-watering appetizers provided by Tomé Catering. - FB Link

DJ Ocho's music spurred the start of the live art demonstration with Giovannie Licea and Tyson Davis. As the beat picked up, so did the group with some momentarily leaving their seats to kick up their heels before returning to watch Licea and Davis breathe life on this stunning and vibrant work in progress.


Photo: Changing Lives Dance Studio via Facebook

Upon completion, the painting was auctioned off to a local art enthusiast who was proud to take ownership of the piece she named Matthew 15:11, stating the following;

Perhaps it would remind people to remember the importance of what comes out of our mouths." Carolyn Cerbo

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