About 80 miles east of Dallas at the junction of highways 69 and 80, lies the tranquil city setting of Mineola, Texas.

You may want to underscore that word "tranquil", because with Halloween looming, the Beckham Hotel is sure to provide an impromptu gathering of spirits.

Built sometime around the 1880s (exact date is unknown), the home is now a private residence belonging to a gentleman named John DeFoore, who now uses the extra rooms for teaching guitar.

Mr. DeFoore says he has not actually witnessed a spirit, but has encountered unexplained phenomena.  Others that have visited the old structure, have identified seeing ghostly figures of a "gambler", a "little girl", and a "woman holding a parasol".  Mr. DeFoore further says that the supernatural sightings are non-threatening, so he leaves them alone.

Mineola is about a two hour drive (111 miles) from Lufkin, and just may be a spooktacular adventure - if you dare!

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