On the list of Valentine Getaways, so far we've been through four. We've had:

For number five, we decided to go with something pretty simple. However, even in it's simplicity, it could very well be the best idea for a getaway. So, for Mark's Valentine Getaway #5, we went with...


That's right. Home. Go with me on this one. I realize that some people are sitting there saying, "Wow, way to go cheap." Actually, that's not the direction I was taking at all. Think about it. You can put together a nice, romantic meal for you and that special someone, followed by a relaxing movie, or maybe even a night of dancing for just the two of you.

If you have kids, I would recommend getting a sitter for the night, so that you can enjoy Valentine's Evening with just the two of you. You can make that person feel special, and right at home...at home.

No, we weren't going for cheap. I honestly think that - for some people - this might be the most special option. So, there you have it. The full list of Mark's Valentine Getaways. If you need to check out each individual getaway, click on the location in the list above, or they can all be found on the Cunningham's Corner Blog.

Now, go out and surprise that special someone, because Valentine's Day is tomorrow!

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