The dog park at Grace Dunn Richardson Park has been open for awhile now, and it makes Lufkin more dog friendly than it used to be. It's right off of South Redditt Drive, and it's a good place to exercise the pups.  But does it make Lufkin one of the best dog cities in the US?

The dog park is one of two parks connected to the Azalea Trail, which makes it a great place to hang out, have a picnic, or go for a run.  The city says the park also has playground equipment, a gazebo, and pavilion.

In other words, there's nothing stopping us from taking the dogs along with us on family outings to the park, unless of course you have anti-social little dogs like I do that act tough and bark a lot.  But then dog owners seem to understand, and tolerate pesky and scrappy little dogs like that.  As long as the little squirts are on leashes. released its list of the Top 10 American Dog Cities this week, and said Charleston, South Carolina is #1.  They based it on the number of pet stores, dog friendly restaurants, dog parks and trails, and households that own a dog.  The only Texas city to make the list was Austin, surprise surprise.

Do you think Lufkin has become more dog friendly over the years?  I do.  The Best Western, La Quinta, and Quality Inn allow dogs, and so does the Angelina National Forest.  Oh, and Tractor Supply Company too.  Dogs can tag along just about anywhere, except maybe your office building.