As most people in East Texas were preparing for a fun 4th of July weekend there was one couple in Longview, Texas that was looking forward to stealing some jewelry. The couple is now wanted for aggravated robbery but the Longview, Texas Police Department needs your help identifying the people responsible for committing the crime. 

When you see the camera photos it’s difficult to get a good look at the suspects. But here is what we know so far about the robbery case from the Longview Mall, officers responded to Kay Jewelers at 3500 McCann Road after employees say a robbery just took place. It began as a man and woman approached a jewelry case. The male then grabbed pepper spray from his pocket and sprayed the employee. At that point both and male and female took the jewelry they were looking at and ran for the exit.  

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Details That Could Help Identify the Longview Robbery Suspects 

Longview Police describe the male suspect as a black male wearing a white baseball cap, red shirt, and black pants. He has the word “King” tattooed on his neck and chest area and “Sir Prince X 10/20” tattooed on his right forearm. The female suspect was wearing a white shirt and shorts with her hair in a bun with a decorative headband.  

They Need to be Caught Before They Rob Another Business 

These individuals could have injured the employees, other mall patrons, or themselves committing this senseless crime in a crowded area. They need to be caught before they do this again. Many people are saying it’s likely they aren’t from the area because they didn’t do much to hide tattoos, but if you can help identify them, please contact the Longview Police at 903-237-1170 or the Gregg County Crime Stoppers at 903-236-7867.  

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