Texas is big. We actually rank 2nd in population, behind, you guessed it, California. But with continuous growth comes questions.

Mainly, can the state really hold more people? In this big state, there's over 29 million of us here, which is staggering and almost doesn't seem real when typed out does it? It does somewhat also explain why the power grid is always stressed though.

Regardless, while some are happy that some are becoming new Texans, others are worried about more businesses moving to state and taking up residence. Take for example this Texas resident on TikTok.

Heads up as well, the resident uses some NSFW language while explaining his reasoning:

Now this main point of his argument is that he doesn't want Texas to lose some it's overall individuality and original properties. He also mentions Whataburger, obviously pronounced What-A-Burger, not waterburger.

Also, he mentions that Italian food isn't the best, but he clearly hasn't had Pignetti's here in Temple, but we continue on.

Why is this worrying though?

He does have a point, as Austin lead the nation in growth according to statistics in 2020-2021. And we've discussed in the past that Whataburger has fallen out of Texas's favorite fast food places in the state.

It's also funny that he mentioned California and New York isn't it. California ranks number one in population, while New York ranks fourth. Weird that Florida wasn't mentioned but we carry on.

But this isn't to say we don't enjoy new people visiting our fine Lone Star State. But could some Texas favorites become less prevalent? Let us know what you think by sending us a message on our FREE station app!

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