Hurricane Laura, Hurricane Delta, Hurricane Harvey, Tropical Storm Imelda...over the last year, these storms have left their devastating mark upon the Texas and Louisiana coastlines.  Thousands of residents were stranded due to storm surge and flash flooding.  Many local first responders and rescue operations were not able to quickly respond to the life-saving needs of many of these citizens.  This was usually the result of either the conditions being too dangerous for rescue operations or the fact that many local authorities didn't have the proper equipment and training to conduct these operations.

That's where Flood Team Alpha came in.  Flood Team Alpha is an Angelina County based swift water rescue and recovery unit.  While other rescue operations had to wait for waters to recede and winds to die down, Flood Team Alpha was already conducting life-saving rescues in Cameron, Lake Charles, and Houston, just to name a few.

Flood Team Alpha is operated by Luke Tarbutton.  He and the members of his organization are a completely volunteer unit.  They are in the process of getting their 501-C3 non-profit designation so that they can apply for local, state, and federal funding.  However, as of now, all of their expenses are handled out of pocket or through the generosity of local contributors.

To optimally conduct their rescue operations, Flood Team Alpha is in need of a deuce and a half ton truck and a Zodiac 640 Hurricane boat. That would cost in the area of $50,000.  However, a more pressing need is at hand.  The team's main swift water rescue boat and trailer have suffered major damage as a result of their rescue operations.  These repairs would cost in the area of $3,000.

We are just starting hurricane season for 2021 and already Flood Team Alpha has been on standby once for Tropical Storm Claudette.  Thankfully, the team did not have to deploy.  However, there are several storms brewing in the Atlantic, one of those looks to have a strong potential to be a major hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico by the 2nd week of July.  For this reason, the urgency to affect repairs is very great.  Their rescue boat needs to be at the ready by that time.

Flood Team Alpha is ready to rescue our neighbors along the coastline from Florida to Texas, but, they need our help.  A Go Fund Me is set up and donations are trickling in.  The overall goal is $50K, but for now, it's imperative for the $3,000 to be raised to take care of the repairs for this potential immediate need.  Meteorologists are somewhat certain that this hurricane season will bring at least one major hurricane to the Gulf of Mexico coastline.  Flood Team Alpha needs your help to ensure that they will be there answering the call to save the lives of those impacted the storm(s).


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