We all know "Twas the Night Before Christmas". But have you heard the "Cajun Night Before Christmas"? Probably not until right now.

This comes from a version of "A Visit from St. Nicholas" written with a southern Louisiana dialect by J.B. Kling, Jr. according to thesouthernweekend.com. Pelican Publishing got the publishing rights and brought in artist James Rice to illustrate a book with the poem.

"Cajun Night Before Christmas" is available to order on Amazon if you would like to add this to your holiday reading collection.

Some of the notable differences in this story involve Santa's reindeer, told in this story as alligators named Gaston, Tiboy, Pierr, Alcee, Ninette, Suzette, Celeste and Renee. Those alligators pull Santa, or St. Nick as he's referred in the poem, in a skiff instead of a sleigh. And yes, the gators fly.

It's an entertaining read for sure. Check out the video above to hear the story narrated by Tommy Joe Breaux.

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