It's possible that Texas will become the next state to give college students and professors the right to carry concealed handguns on campus, if they are properly licensed for it.

Proponents of a measure that would allow students and faculty to carry concealed weapons on the campus of Texas colleges and universities say that over half of the members of the Texas House of Representatives are in favor of the proposed legislation.

A similar bill was approved by the Senate during the last session.

Sen. Jeff Wentworth, R-San Antonio, said it appears likely the Senate, too, will approve a law that allows students and faculty with license-to-carry permits to carry concealed weapons on campus.

Referring to the mass murders on the campus of Virginia Tech University in 2007, Wentworth said, "We'll save a lot of lives if we ever have a situation like happened on the Virginia Tech campus."

He said that it is a matter of self-defense for students and faculties.

"I want some doubt left in the mind of that potential murderer that, well, maybe he shouldn't be in that classroom," Wentworth said. "Maybe the professor or one of his students is armed."

via Guns On Campus Legislation Gaining Traction - San Antonio & Texas News Story - KSAT San Antonio.