Once you own an iPad, it turns out you end up loving it more than perhaps you love your own teeth. In fact, many iPad owners would rather endure root canal pain than part with their iPad. And you?

A new survey from Brainshark, Inc. finds 32 percent of iPad owners say accidentally breaking their device would be more painful than having root canal.

Forty percent say accidentally breaking their iPad would be more painful than getting in a minor car accident.

Sixteen percent say breaking their Apple device would hurt more than breaking their nose, and ten percent say it would be more painful than getting fired from their job.

You get the idea.

We love our iPads so much they are almost a part of our bodies, and they are with us at all times. Parting with them us just unthinkable.

Sixty percent of iPad users take their devices with them to the bathroom, and they use them on the toilet. We didn’t need to know that.

Thirty-four percent use them while naked. Again, TMI. We like to think you’re sitting at the kitchen table, freshly showered and fully dressed, sipping a cup of tea all proper-like while you’re interacting with us online. At least us germ-a-phobes think that.

Since we know folks don’t want to lose the iPad, what WOULD they be willing to lose instead if they had to shed something? The survey says peeps would rather lose a credit card, driver’s license, or wedding ring. Seriously? The iPad has more value to its user than the symbol of love and eternal devotion to his or her life-long mate? Not to mention, a wedding ring can cost 2, 3, or 12 times more than an iPad. Still to some, the iPad has more value.

People are nuts! Feel free to comment and tell us how crazy you are about your tech device. Using that device fully clothed and freshly showered of course, not on the toilet.