One year ago, Joey and Rory Feek were in Hawaii, celebrating Rory Feek’s birthday. The singer shared footage of the trip on the Joey + Rory Facebook page, adding that “the only thing that’s changed is everything.”

“And nothing,” he adds.

Scenes from the beautiful islands of Hawaii serve as a backdrop for images of Joey Martin Feek playing with the couple’s now 2-year-old daughter, Indiana. We see them first on a park bench, and later on the beach — the little girl’s face when waves crash up against her is priceless.

Rory only appears toward the end, during a birthday celebration. He celebrated 50 during the two-week trip, even though his actual birthday isn’t until April. Joey planned the vacation, taking the couple to Oahu and the big Hawaiian island for 14 days of relaxing, exploring, mai-tais and zero responsibility. Images are taken with iPhones, as Rory explained in a This Life I Live blog post published a few weeks later that he purposely left his camera — and overalls — at home.

A few months later doctors would discover Joey’s cancer had returned. He first talked about the cancer in her sigmoid colon in June, and took fans through their journey at the hospital ... and eventually home hospice. Joey has been in home hospice since the fall, and each new blog update has sounded a little less hopeful.

With help from family, Joey Feek did achieve her goal of living through the 2016 Grammys, the release of their new hymns album and Indiana’s second birthday (Feb. 17). This week they learned that Hymns That Are Important To Us was the No. 1 album in country music, their first ever.

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