There is one very famous eatery people think of when they think of Texas: Whataburger.

The orange W might as well stand for "Welcome!" when one enters the Lone Star State. It's probably one of the first places one should visit as a brand new resident of Texas. With so many individuals that love the restaurant, tributes to it have appeared everywhere.

We've seen some very dedicated items, like this Whataburger Christmas tree! There's even That's a bit unexpected isn't it?

So it's safe to way, there's a lot of ways Texans have shown their affection for Whataburger. But this next one we'll be talking about may take the proverbial burger. How we ask?

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It's one sweet Whataburger ride.

Riding In Style, With Spicy Ketchup At Your Side

Well let's not wait any longer, just take one look at this amazing Whataburger bicycle! It's...absolute perfection isn't it? We've also learned that lowrider bicycles are a thing as well.

We can't imagine how long this item took to make, but with how shiny it is, probably a long time. Our personal favorite part of it? The fries in front of the seat, with the spicy ketchup on the right.

It's the little details that we love so much. Now, the main question, is this thing even street legal? If it is, the company should hire somebody to drive it around!

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