There's always a reason to celebrate in the state of Texas isn't there?

With such a big area that the Lone Star State covers, there's the possibility of somebody celebrating something at any point in time. It could be a birthday, an anniversary, or a major milestone in one's life. But there's one festival that is bound to many people, mostly hungry.

We've all been to a food festival right? It's certainly an exciting event, just based on all the possibilities of food you'll get to try. A Texas BBQ festival is always welcome in the state of course. But we won't be talking about that kind of festival today.

Instead we'll be talking about...well something completely different to say the least.

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Texas Has A What Kind Of Festival?


According to MySanAntonio, there is a festival in the Lone Star State known as the Texas Testicle Festival. We promise that we aren't make that up. Taking place in Fredericksburg, the Bankersmith Saloon brings in many people excited and hungry.

According to Greg Ball (yes, that is his name), the organizer of the festivities, he described what the event is like via email to the news organization:

"Guests get excited to be able to chow down on testicles, listen to local artists and wash down their balls with cocktails or beer. It's a special day that pays tribute to our strong ranching heritage...One year, we went through 2,000 balls in four hours. Since COVID-19, we have fewer guests, but we are looking for a great turnout this year."

Well, if you're interested in learning more, there's information about the event right here. Oh, Texas never change.

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