Being in the shot is sometimes better than making the shot. Over the Easter holiday weekend, a Texas Tech Pom Squad member went viral at the Masters Tournament. The young lady has now been identified as Aaliyah Kikumoto.

How do we know Kikumoto is a Texas Tech co-ed?

Well, like so many other moms on social media, her mother couldn't wait to post about the kid on social media. Check out her tweets here.


@double.bogey this made the masters 10 times better #masters #golf #golfgirls #golftiktok #masters2023 #augusta ♬ original sound - lucia &lt3

Dad also got in on the Twitter action boasting of he and his daughter's nationwide video coverage while showing support for the Texas Tech pom squad.

"Yes, enjoying easter at the masters with my TTU pom squad hat on. Our daughter Aaliyah has the green masters hat on and goes to Tech. Wreck em!"
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What did Aaliyah think of her newfound Tik Tok fame?

Obviously, she did what almost any college aged person would do in this situation. She got her hair and make up just right, and make at Tik Tok of her own from the front seat of a car no less.

Have you ever been on national TV?

At some point or another, there's a good chance you will end up in a video that makes the local news, but being in a national broadcast is an accomplishment that most don't get to experience. I attended Jimmy Kimmel Live once, and got on TV.

That's me right under the Pontiac Logo in between Jeffrey Donovan and Jimmy. Sadly, I didn't go viral, guess I should have worn a green Masters hat.

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