New Orleans, LA (KPEL News) - Fact is often stranger than fiction, and that's certainly true in the story of the passenger on a flight from Utah to Louisiana who got stuck in the bathroom!

What's more, it's not the first time it's every happened on a flight. Something similar happened on a flight from Washington, DC, to Munich, Germany.

The man named Brent got up to use the mile-high facilities, leaving his wife and children to wait for him as they flew from Salt Lake City to New Orleans. His wife shared the whole crappy story on Reddit.

She begins the telling with:

On a recent Delta Air Lines flight from Salt Lake City to New Orleans, my husband, Brent, got up to use the bathroom, leaving me, my four year old and two year old in our row. No big deal, I knew I’d get my help with our two toddlers back in a jiffy.

She began to get antsy (and maybe a little peeved) when, ten minutes later, he still hadn't returned to their seats and, she says, she heard one of the attendants say the word "stuck."

And suddenly, it clicked. She was fairly certain it was her husband!

She watched as two female flight attendants attempted to yank the door open, to no avail. They asked a male passenger for help. He gave it his all, but the door wouldn't budge.

The wife, at this point, is more concerned about the confined space in which her husband is stuck.

It had now been 20 minutes. Brent had been stuck in a 3.5 x 5ft pee and poop box for almost a half hour.

At that point, like a flying superhero (almost literally), the pilot comes out of the cockpit to join the rescue effort. The wife mentions in her post that his permission may have been necessary to potentially do damage to the door.

She remembers thinking:

Don’t ask me who was flying the plane.

The pilot begins pulling more forcefully and, with a kick to the door from her husband, the door blessedly opens. He was trapped in the airplane toilet for 35 minutes.

Another passenger captured the whole stinky event on video. The wife wasn't going to make it public until:

Delta Air Lines asked that I wouldn’t share the videos a fellow passenger took for me on social media (I couldn’t leave my kids in their seats alone to take my own pictures/videos). But customer service wouldn’t even refund our, as you can imagine, terrible flights. So…here we are.

Hopefully, their landing in Louisiana was much less eventful and they had a wonderful experience when they got to The Bayou State.

So if you're off in the wild blue yonder, check the toilet doors. That's not a place anyone wants to be trapped.