Seriously, this has to be a joke.

Before I get into this, you should know I live in Illinois and swear by Chicago-style pizza.

Still reading? Good.

And when I say "Chicago-style," I'm ok with liking both deep dish and thin crust, tavern-cut pizza. (I can like both. This isn't a Cubs vs. Sox conversation)

Awful Best Cites For Pizza List

Even if I wasn't being a homer, I'd still be outraged by this absolutely awful list of the top U.S. cities for pizza.

No shade toward Macy's Place in Buffalo (#2 city on the list) who shared this screenshot, but what is going on here?

BuzzFeed was quick to point out that both Chicago and New York are conspicuously absent from this list of supposed "top U.S. cities for pizza." The website also correctly noted that Hartford was chosen over New Haven, which is widely known for its thin crust Neapolitan pizza.

Also making the list was Denver, which apparently should be your top destination for all things pizza.

How did we get here?

Pizza location symbol and a human hand.
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We Found Out Who's Responsible For This Atrocity

After some quick research (we zoomed in on the above photo), we figured out this half-baked top pizza city list came from a real estate group called Clever. The group has an entire table explaining their reasoning behind their city rankings.

Denver is mostly propped up by a favorable average Yelp rating for its pizza restaurants. Pizza joints in the Mile High City have an average rating of 4.05. The national average is 3.89.

The list also goes a little deeper on Clever's website. They have Chicago ranked as the 14th best pizza city with New York right behind at number 15.

Since we did all of this work, we might as well look at what is considered the worst pizza cities in the U.S. according to this study.

They are:

  1. Memphis
  2. San Antonio
  3. Oklahoma City
  4. Cincinatti
  5. Charlotte

Something tells us the group behind the study didn't try the pizza in these places before publishing this list. Let us know if you need some volunteer pizza judges next time.

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