Passengers on a recent Southwest Airlines flight were treated to a unique occurrence thanks to a family of flight attendants.

"Does everyone see this sweet little lady wearing the life vest? That's my grandma," Hannah Heck announced to passengers according to CNN. "So everyone better be extra nice to her."

Inspired To Start Flight Attendant Career

Cynthia Heck has been a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines for the past 19 years. Watching her career from afar was her granddaughter, Hannah.

"After I had graduated from high school, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do," Hannah told CNN. "But I thought, 'I think I want to go travel, I think I want to do what my grandma does.'"

Hannah started working for a regional airline before moving on to a career at Southwest Airlines. She didn't have the chance to team up with Cynthia until she moved in with her grandparents in Las Vegas.

According to Southwest, it was Cynthia's "compassion for serving others" that inspired Hannah to seek out a similar career.

Passengers' Reaction To Family Flight Attendants

Hannah told CNN the plane erupted in laughter once she announced her grandmother was one of the other flight attendants onboard.

Cynthia piped up with her own announcement after her granddaughter told everyone to be nice to her.

"Everyone, ask Hannah who did her laundry last night," Cynthia said according to CNN.

This is the second viral story this year involving airline crew members who are related to each other.

In August, passengers on a United Airlines flight from Washington, D.C. to Spain were surprised with an announcement that the pilot's mom was one of the flight attendants serving on the trip.

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