A video that supposedly shows aliens from a crashed UFO in the backyard of a Las Vegas home is now being claimed as proof they are using a "cloaking device" to move among us.

'Creature' Captured On Video

Nearly a year ago, Angel Kenmore shared a video on YouTube where he told the story about hearing a crash while working on a car with his brother.

"I turn around and the only thing I see is a big light falling from the sky, and moments after I feel a big impact and a bang," Kenmore explains in the video.

He quickly went to inspect the area of the alleged crash, but was met with a "blurry" vision in the backyard.

"I hear a couple thousand footsteps around me and maybe a couple seconds later the blurriness was gone."

What was left was a tall, thin "creature."

"He was a grey/greenish creature," Kenmore said. "When I looked at it in the eyes, my body just froze."

Police were called to investigate and confirmed an additional report of a bright light and a crash.

How Additional Information Has Renewed Interest In Viral Alien Video

This story is far from over following a recent Fox News interview with a "veteran crime scene reconstruction analyst" who was been looking into the case.

Scott Roder claimed during the segment that the "beings" from the year-old video were using a "cloaking device" to mask their movements.

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"At this particular time, with what we've seen here, is proof of a couple of things," Roder said. "That these entities... are real. They're there. This is not fake. This is not a fraud."

Roder has since opened up his findings to a "peer review" to further investigate what is seen in the video.

"These two items, these two beings, are in the real world environment with the Kenmore family. That's a fact."

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