The New Orleans Police Department is having the damndest time with rats at their nearly 60-year-old headquarters on Broad Street.

No, this is not just a small problem that a few traps and a little bit of bait can remedy. According to Superintendent Anne Kirkpatrick, rats have overrun the NOPD's Evidence and Property Room, so much so that they're destroying evidence collected in drug busts.

That stunning information was disclosed by Kirkpatrick to the City Council on Monday.

"The rats are eating our marijuana," said Kirkpatrick, "they're all high."

Y'all, them rats are stoned out of their lil collective minds!!!

While we kid a little, we understand this is a serious problem for the NOPD.

Kirkpatrick went on to say that "people shouldn't have to come through their offices and see rodent droppings on their desk."

In addition to this rat infestation issue, Kirkpatrick also said the building has broken elevators, non-functioning plumbing, and an air conditioning collapse last summer that has a repair bill in excess of $6 million.

New Orleans Police Department, Facebook
New Orleans Police Department, Facebook

Is anything being done to remedy this situation?

At Monday's meeting, the council approved a motion that would see the department take a 10-year lease on two floors of a downtown office building if it also passes a full council vote in the coming weeks.

“I foresee most of the criminal justice agencies will have to be temporarily housed as we address these old decrepit buildings,” chief administrative officer Gilbert Montaño said.

“Right now, we are addressing police headquarters because it is in dire straits.”

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