The longest-serving school principal in the United States was attacked in front of his home in Louisiana and now he is recovering from the injuries he sustained in the brutal attack.

According to Fox 8 News, Wayne Warner, principal at Chalmette High School, confronted a disabled man in front of his home after the man was seen tossing trashcans over.

Warner's wife posted on social media that her husband was attacked after confronting the man and that's when he was pushed to the ground and had his phone stolen.

Sadly, the beloved principal sustained serious injuries in the attack and as a result will require surgery to repair his fractured hip and elbow.

Police Lights
Photo courtesy of Max Fleischmann

Police have arrested the suspect in this attack, but a name has not been released. It was noted in Warner's post that the man who attacked her husband did not go down without a fight as police had to tase him during the arrest.

Warner's wife, Kitty Warner, says that her husband is determined to return to school at the beginning of the new school year, in August, but he will have to undergo extensive rehab as a result of his surgeries.

Wayne Warner has been principal at Chalmette High since 1973. Thus, he has many in his corner rooting for him to recover and so many hope to see him back on campus sooner rather than later.

Here's Warner's wife's social media post describing the incident in front of their home.


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