A woman in Louisiana allegedly chased a man out of the woods while wielding an axe and while not wearing any clothing.

According to WGNO, a man reported the bizarre incident to the Slidell Police Department after he went into a wooded area to check on a man that he was assisting.

The man who was chased by the naked woman says that she got close to him with the axe, but he was able to outrun her and return to his truck.

Now, police are looking for the woman who reportedly chased the man out of the wooded area.

The news station says that the woman was last seen walking down a public road still unclothed. If located, police say that the woman will be charged with aggravated assault and obscenity.

Slidell Police say in a social media post, "This isn't the first time this lady has been caught strutting around in her birthday suit." And yes, they know who the woman is that chased the man while holding an axe.

If you have any information in this case you are asked to contact the Slidell Polie Dept.

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