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The Jefferson Hotel in Jefferson, Texas is well known for its ghosts and spirits that haunt and roam the hallways and rooms of this famous hotel, but there is apparently another, more haunting place to visit in Texas. If you're into the paranormal, then this place must be included on your bucket list. The abandoned Yorktown Memorial Hospital in Yorktown, Texas has been hailed as one haunting experience and named one of the most haunted places in Texas as well as being called the most haunted place on Earth by a contributor of The Sun.

Simply looking at the pictures of this old hospital on the official Facebook page, you can clearly see why this place would be haunted. Overgrown and unmanicured trees and bushes line the outside of the hospital, while broken windows, peeling paint, and old medical equipment, beds, dolls, and toys are just randomly left in rooms. The hallways are dark, dingy, and barely lit by sunlight.

What's making this place so scary?

People who have taken tours reported that some of the eyes of the dolls glow red along with dolls that speak. Others feel the presence of people who once inhabited the hospital and they can hear the whispers of former patients. Others say the hospital itself gives off a few spine-tingling noises.

Why is this place the most haunted place on Earth?

The hospital was founded in 1951 by the Felician Sisters of the Roman Catholic Church and operated for more than 30 years. The facility closed in 1986 and was left almost as is. After the hospital closed, the building functioned as a drug rehab until the facility was closed by the state in 1992 (Texas Highways). Since then, the building has been sitting vacant and slowly decaying and rotting away.

Here's what some who have toured Yorktown Memorial Hospital had to say about their experience.

So, if you're up to see if you can feel a presence, hear the whispers of former inhabitants, or want to experience anything else paranormal you'll need to schedule a proper tour of the hospital through their Facebook page. Once on the tour, you'll hear about patients being killed by doctors who made surgical mistakes, patients who were neglected, and who these spirits like and don't like.

Keep this in mind - it is never wise to enter or explore old abandoned facilities because you don't know the condition of the building and you could be trespassing. Other than that, happy exploring and ghost hunting!

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