The holiday season is in full effect. If you've stumbled onto social media recently, you've likely caught pictures of someone sharing their decorations, posting about someone else's decorations, or sharing what they want their decorations to look like. In any of these cases, you may have seen some of the biggest trends happening online this year.

Now look, I don't go out of my way to find these trends on social media...but my wife does. So I had seen a few of these already when I started looking into this year's big designs. But I was shocked by what I found.

There's a HUGE difference between what the designers say are the trends, and what people are actually doing. It kind of reminded me of movie reviews...where the critics say the movie is terrible and no one should see it, then it makes a trillion dollars at the box office.


When I went through the lists from designers of 2023 Christmas tree trends, I didn't see many of the same trees I had been shown online. There were no Barbie trees, or Friendship Bracelet trees on these designer lists. I believe that's because there happened organically.

Someone had a fun idea, they executed it and posted their results online. Another person saw it online and also thought it was a fun idea, they shared it, and made their own. Then more people saw that, and made their own. THAT is how a trend is started, not some designer being paid to TELL you what you like.

Anyway, here are the designs that will soon be taking over Christmas in your neck of the woods...

Christmas Tree Designs Trending in 2023

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