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It isn't really unusual for small towns to have only two or three officers on the police force in charge of maintaining law and order.  But when you go from 6 full-time officers down to none, save your chief, it doesn't speak well for current economical times.

Town of Boyce Facebook
Town of Boyce Facebook

But that's what's happened in the small community of Boyce, Louisiana. Located near Alexandria, Louisiana, Boyce is facing major financial problems that have resulted in the town of Boyce having to lay-off its entire police force, except for police chief Ronald Goudeau.

According to 2021 US Census data, Boyce has a population of just 877 residents, and Goudeau says the town’s finances could no longer support the salaries of his six officers. 

“The police department was in dire need of being shutdown until we can get together and roll our sleeves up and come up with a sound financial plan,” said Goudeau. 


Goudeau says he’ll continue to patrol the town daily and Rapides Parish Sheriff deputies will also assist in law enforcement duties. 

“The safety will not change, probably the only thing that will probably change is the rapport my officers have built with the citizens,” said Goudeau. 


Goudeau is hopeful the town’s financial house can get back in order, so he can hire police officers again. 

“It’s time to put politics aside and do what’s right for our citizens, because crime is ramping up all around us,” Goudeau. 


Goudeau says he’s been the police chief in Boyce since 2019, money problems plagued the town back then. 

Boyce mayor Kelvin McCoy says the police chief has significant authority over his budget and his budget has been completely expended. He’s thankful the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office will help keep the town safe. 

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