Revving Up Texas Style: The Whataburger Lowrider Takes Biker Culture to a Whole New Level.

Forget about traditional bicycles; the bad boy in the video at the bottom of this article takes the love for Whataburger to a whole new level, merging fast-food fandom with the flash of a custom lowrider bike.

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Move over, Schwinn – there's a new sheriff in town, and it's wearing the iconic orange and white stripes. This custom bike is the ultimate expression of Lone Star pride. From its sleek design to its eye-catching Whataburger-themed paint job, this two-wheeled masterpiece is turning heads and raising eyebrows in Dallas.

That Seat

The iconic shape of a Whataburger restaurant is instantly recognizable on the custom mural painted on the seat. It's a masterpiece, dangit.


Golden Fries

Don't get me started on the gorgeous French fries ornament. Look at this beauty:


Looks good enough to eat!

People Got Jokes

A couple of folks poked fun in the comments for the video. One person took a little jab to call out Whataburger on their notoriously long drive-thru times...

 ... while another jokester pondered the scent of the exhaust.  

Check out the video below:

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