It is something that all Texas citizens can agree on, going to the grocery store is costing way too much lately. While inflation is taking money from all of us, one of the reasons that items are costing more is because stores including Walmart are dealing with shoplifters. Businesses both big and small can’t just take on the burden of people stealing items, they are going to pass along those losses to us as consumers. But there is something new that Walmart stores are doing to fight back against shoplifters. 

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There is a former Walmart employee that went to TikTok to explain the new way that Walmart is working to eliminate shoplifting in their stores. There is a new device that Walmart employees carry called a TC Device. This device will show employees everything that you’re buying when using self-checkout. It will also show the employee how much your total is and how much each item costs.  

The Anti-Shoplifting Device Can Delay Your Check Out 

If a Walmart employee thinks that you might be stealing or even knows that you’re stealing items they have an option to pause your self-checkout. At that point your checkout machine will lock up and the customer will need an employee to unlock the machine to continue the checkout process.  

What Happens Next? 

After an employee is called to unlock the self-checkout machine, they will need to verify that everything has been scanned so nothing is stolen, or they have the option to take your items to the main checkout so an employee can scan every item.  

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Basically, if you don’t want to be embarrassed for trying to steal items, then don’t try to steal anything. There are cameras everywhere you will be caught and there will be consequences if you’re caught stealing anything.  

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