If you’re not very familiar with the Texas prison system, that is a good thing. But one thing is for sure, spending time in a Texas prison is not fun. All your freedoms are gone, and you must listen to other adults tell you when you’re allowed to do certain things, which sounds miserable. At the same time, I think it’s good that there are swift and harsh punishment for those that break the law, especially when it’s so bad that you’re sentenced to death. But before the execution a Texas prisoner gets a last meal and we’re going to talk about that.  

Most of us will never know when our last meal on earth is going to be. We might hope that it is many years from now in a room surrounded by loved ones, but we just never know. Before anyone dies, the last meal option sounds great, but that must be difficult for the family of the victims, seeing as how many of the victims lost their life without a last meal. But in 2011 the option for a last meal was removed in Texas. 

Why Is There No Last Meal Request in Texas? 

An inmate in 2011 requested a large last meal order, and never ate one bite of it. That made prison officials angry, and prisoners no longer able to make a last meal request.

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Last Meal Requests from Texas Prisoners 

Most of us haven’t really thought about what we would want as a last meal, but here is what Texas prisoners decided as their last meal before being put to death for their crimes. 

Texas Death Row: A Look At Notable Last Meals (And One Pile Of Dirt)

As of 2011, Texas no longer honors last-meal requests because of one very expensive and elaborate meal that went untouched. We take a look at that final meal, along with other notable ones, including the guy who requested a pile of dirt.

Gallery Credit: Renee Raven

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