Texas is known for southern hospitality, so how in the world can we also be known as one of the states that is the worst at tipping? It was a bit shocking to hear that Texas ranked in the 10 worst states as far as tipping goes. There are many factors that can come into play when deciding on how much to tip an employee, let’s look at the details as we decide if Texans need to start tipping more. 

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There are so many of us at one point in our life that have worked in the service industry where we depended on tips to pay our bills. My dad was a restaurant manager for over 30 years, so I have seen so many hard-working people get stiffed on large dinner parties and it’s just defeating to not receive anything when you tried to make everything perfect for the customers.  

How Did They Decide That Texas Is Bad At Tipping? 

This research was released by Toast and released by CNET, a company that runs over 68,000 point-of-sale payment systems across the U.S. These are businesses like restaurants, café's, and coffeehouses. Their data shows that Texas ranked as the 6th worst state when it comes to leaving a tip. 

Let’s Look at the 10 States That Ranked Worst When it Comes to Tipping 

We can all agree that it feels like there is a tip jar or place to tip someone at just about every business you enter, but when you experience great customer service it is fun to tip extra to let that person know you appreciate them. Remember to tip those who give you good service. 

Here is a look at the 10 states that don’t seem to be very good at tipping.  

10 U.S. States That Are the Worst at Tipping

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