So if you had the opportunity to live in any suburb in the state of Texas, which one would you choose?

Would it be somewhere in Longview or Tyler, Texas? Perhaps you'd rather live somewhere closer to San Antonio or Dallas, Texas.

Now, since this is a hypothetical scenario where money and circumstances don't matter, don't let your personal income sway your decision. We want to know where, if money was not an issue, you'd want to live if you had your druthers.

I'm curious if the suburb you've chosen in your mind is one of the two most enviable suburbs in the Lone Star State.

According to a story shared by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, there was a recent survey done by Moving Feedback. They apparently "ran an online panel survey of 3,000 adults in the U.S. to find out which suburbs across America have the most appeal. They then ranked the 175 suburbs with the most envied lifestyles across the country."

Aside from the 2 Texas suburbs that made the Top 10, another Texas suburb made the Top 20.

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So which 2 Texas suburbs were named on the Top 10 List of the most enviable suburbs in Texas?

Alamo Heights. Coming in at #8, Alamo Heights has been praised for its upscale neighborhoods, fantastic schools, and the median household income--which is HIGH. Obviously, being so close to San Antonio, Texas is also a huge bonus for those who want access to bigger city entertainment and shopping, etc.

Sugar Land. Coming in at #6, SugarLland is an admired Texas suburb for several reasons. It's close to Houston, Texas--which is nice, of course, for those who like access to a bigger city. But also, Sugarland is praised because of its "strong economy and multinational corporations that provide high-paying jobs for residents," according to the Star-Telegram.

Also, it's admired because it offers a variety of upscale residential areas, has great schools, and nice community amenities.

Want to see what others made the list? Check it out here.

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