We don’t do anything small in the great state of Texas, everything is bigger. And to prove that point yet again we will soon be the home of the largest mineral springs resort in the entire country! The details are spreading quickly as the Dallas Morning News broke the news that there is a gigantic wellness spa that is set to open sometime around March of 2024. 

The business will be called WorldSprings Mineral Springs Resort and this place is going to be massive. From what we know so far, this tremendous facility is going to offer 45 outdoor soaking and cold plunge pools, there will be a spa, plus a restaurant and bar. It sounds like they are going to make this place so fantastic that you never want to leave, although I have a feeling it’s going to cost quite a bit. 

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More Details on the WorldSprings Mineral Springs Resort Coming to Texas 

The facility is expected to cost in the neighborhood of $32 million dollars. It’s going to be located in The Colony which is a suburb north of Dallas. The construction will begin November 14th, should be completed at the end of January 2024, and open for business in March. 

What Services Will Be Offered 

As you would expect they will offer massages but there is so much more. You will be able to schedule services for cryotherapy, hyperbaric chambers, compression therapy, wellness circuits, and traditional Finnish saunas. It sounds impressive, are you going to visit the largest mineral springs resort in the country when it opens next year outside of Dallas? 

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