Consider this a heads-up between friends. The drunk driving limit in Texas could very well be changing in the not-so-distant future.

Hopefully, you're not drinking and driving in the Tyler or Dallas, Texas areas. We know without a doubt by now how dangerous that can be. However, these days the amount of people staring at their phones while driving is almost or equally alarming.

But I digress.

Author Aleks Phillips shared a story on Newsweek regarding the potential change to the drunk driving limit in America, which of course, would affect us here in Texas.

So what are the proposed changes to the current drunk driving limit law?

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Well, nothing specific as of yet.

In the Hawaii state Senate, a bill passed on March 5 that would reduce the legal blood alcohol limit from the current 0.08 percent to 0.05 percent. That bill is currently being reviewed in the lower house. Another bill similar to this one is in committee in Washington state, while in Utah, the lower limit is already law, according to Newsweek.

If you've still not adopted the practice of a truly designated driver when you're planning a night at the bar in East Texas, now might be the time. Or at least get more familiar with our taxi services and download the Uber app.

Supporters of lowering the limit say it will save many lives, while detractors feel it could put too much of a burden on our law enforcement officers.

Those who don't support making this change also feel it could 'lead to responsible drinkers being penalized for having two or three drinks—which would otherwise put them under the limit, depending on their weight.'

What say you? Do you support a change like this one or do you feel it's too strict? Thoughts welcome at

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