Yeah, I thought this whole thing was a little sus too. But it turns out, just about four hours north of Dallas, TX, you can visit the Center of the Universe... It's in Tulsa, OK, of all places.

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Maybe you first heard of this strange place watching Sylvester Stallone's character on the hit television show Tulsa King stumble upon it. Or maybe you've visited it yourself, which wouldn't be a surprise. The Center of the Universe hosts nearly 10,000 tourists each year.

What do you do at Center of Universe Tulsa?

Here's what Uncovering Oklahoma has to say on the subject. "When a person stands in the center, whatever they say, they will personally hear it echo while everyone around won't hear the echo. This cool effect works best when there are no trains passing below. The Center of the Universe a fun stop if you're on a date or with some friends in Downtown Tulsa."

I've been through Tulsa a handful of times, even a couple times with my family but had never heard of this before now. Next time, we'll be planning to make a short detour to check it out. Oh, and if you're wondering:

Where do you park for Center of the Universe Tulsa?

  •  Central Parking391 S Cincinnati Avenue (383 feet E)
  • American Parking410 S Main Street (497 feet W)
  • Main Park Plaza Garage410 S Main Street (497 feet W)
  • American Parking325 S Cincinnati Avenue (529 feet NE)

And just for clarification, according to standard theories of cosmology, there is no center of the universe. This widely accepted theory states that the universe started with a "Big Bang" about 14 thousand million years ago and has been expanding ever since.

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