We Texans march to the beat of own drum. The way we dress, the way we walk, even the way we talk, we have our own method that only native Texans will understand. Some transplants will assimilate to the dialect with various measures of success. No matter if you're a native Texan or new to the Lone Star State, you have to admit that our way of talking is very enjoyable to listen to. I would say that a majority of you will understand all 28 of these East Texanisms below. I will say that all of you will use 1 or more of these every single day of your life.

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Different Ways We Talk

Many moons ago, I worked at Racetrac, now Raceway, in Lindale. In my time at that gas station off of Interstate 20, I talked with people from all across the country. One interaction I had with a woman really sums up how different regions of our country communicate with each other. She came in and asked where the washroom was. My only response was "I'm sorry. What?" I honestly didn't know what she meant by washroom. After a short, and frustrating back and forth, I realized she meant bathroom. I pointed her in the right direction.

Understanding Each Other

A little bit later, her whole family was in front of me to check out. I offered a genuine apology for the misunderstanding and asked where they were from. Boston. That explained everything. After we talked a little but more, we got a laugh out of the situation and they continued on their travels.

I'm sure that traveling family from Massachusetts ran into more language barriers as they adventured through the South. That's why these East Texanisms will only make sense to us. I did offer the definition below so those unfamiliar will know what it means.

You Will Most Likely Say 1 or More of These 28 East Texanisms Today

Texas has a way about itself that only native Texans will understand. That's why we'll only understand these East Texanisms in our daily conversations.

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