A miracle...a game for the ages...the best high school softball game ever...the most unbelievable comeback of all time.

The 6A Texas UIL State Championship softball game between Weslaco and Waco Midway could arguably fit all those headlines. Weslaco scored 8 runs in the bottom of the 7th, which included a walk-off grand slam, to defeat Midway 11-9.

The video below shows all the plays in the bottom of that 7th inning.

Did The Walk-Off Grand Slam Almost Not Count?

I have watched videos of the game and of the grand slam over and over. In one of those replays, I watched the reaction of the players on the field. In doing so, I noticed something that could have changed the outcome of the grand slam, and possibly the softball game.

If you watch the video below, the runner on third base starts walking back to the bag to tag up in case the ball is caught. The runner on second base is moving towards the third base bag.

Both players are focused on the ball as it approaches the left-field fence. The two players get within a few feet of each other on the base path as the ball sails over the fence.

MaxPreps via YouTube
MaxPreps via YouTube

No harm, no foul...the baserunner approaching third base never passes the runner in front of her, so all is good. The grand slam counts and the game is over.

But...What If?

I'm pretty sure of the following two rules:

  1. If a baserunner advances past the baserunner in front of them, that trailer runner is automatically out. The ball remains in play.
  2. If two baserunners stand on the same bag simultaneously while the ball is live, the trailing runner will be out once tagged.

So, what would have happened if that trailing runner had passed the runner who was on third base? I think she would have been declared out, which would have been the second out of the inning.

Does that mean the two runners behind her would have been allowed to score making the final score 10-9?

Or, what if both players ended up standing on third base at the same time? The rule states that the trailing running will be out once tagged, but the ball is over the fence. Is the play no longer considered 'live'?

Obviously, none of these scenarios happened, but I truly don't know what the correct call would have been if they had happened.  If you know the correct ruling(s), please comment on the corresponding Facebook post.

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