Hot Friday Night Lights

Hot weather during the first several Friday nights of Texas high school football is nothing out of the ordinary. Kicking off a football game with temperatures still around 90 is like STAAR Testing, it doesn't make you happy, but unfortunately, we've learned to live with it.

Another Level of Heat

The statewide forecast through Friday is absolutely brutal. The week of August 21, 2023, may go down in Texas history as the week that broke the most record daily high temperatures at officials reporting stations across the Lone Star State. From Abilene to Central Texas to the Louisiana border, maximum temperatures between 105-110 will be commonplace.

That means that when Friday night kick-offs happen at 7 or 7:30, the temperatures for many games will still be at 100 degrees or better, or should I say worse. That doesn't include some of the sub-varsity games earlier in the week with earlier starting times.

From the football players to the coaches to the band members to the cheer and drill teams to the fans, staying hydrated and finding a way not to get overheated is imperative. I hate to say this but I foresee numerous people and players being treated for heat exhaustion at games across the state this week.

Silver Lining?

The temperatures will be soaring, but at least the humidity will be low. That means the feels-like temperature will closely match the actual temperature. That's a partial silver lining, but it's still like making the choice between a convection oven or a sauna.

Consider the Following

  • For those football fields will artificial turf, the surface field temperature can be at least 25 degrees higher than the actual temperature. At least, until the field has been in the shade for a while
  • When you add on the pads and helmet, and the sweat that goes along with that, you get the sauna and convection oven combo.
  • With an evening kick-off, half the stadium is still bathed in sunlight for a while. That sun beating down on the metal bleachers is not fun for anyone.
  • Don't forget the hard work done by the band and drill team, whether in the stands or marching on the field. I would certainly hope that every band director in Texas is NOT having band members wear their military gear. Shorts and matching T-shirts should be the standard.

Friday Night Frenzy

Keep up with all the latest scores with the KICKS 105 Friday Night Frenzy powered by Badders Law Firm. We'll get underway at 9 every Friday, and in addition to the scores, we'll be recognizing area drill teams, bands, student-athletes, and outstanding individual performances.

Stay cool, and pray for relief.

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