A Historic Day...For All the Wrong Reasons

Several years down the road, you may not remember exactly what you were doing on Sunday, August 27, 2023, in Lufkin, Texas. But, on this date, something happened in Angelina County that has never happened before...or at least not in the past 117 years.

In 1906, official weather readings began to be taken for Lufkin, Texas. In August of 1909, the temperature gauge reached 110 degrees. William Taft was president, the Model T Ford had just been introduced, and New Mexico wouldn't become a state for another three years. We tied the record again in September of 2000, and then again about a week ago on August 21.

But, this will be the day that in the 117 years of collecting weather data in Angelina County, we have reached an all-time high of 111 degrees. It was recorded at the official weather station at the Angelina County Airport just before 3 p.m. today.

I majored in meteorology in college, so I'm quite a weather nerd. That means weather extremes really get the adrenaline going for me. However, this is one extreme that I would gladly trade for about an inch of widespread rain in Deep East Texas. Granted, years from now I'll bring it up to my grandkids about how I walked to work uphill both ways in the hottest heat ever recorded.

The Outlook

On the same day the record was shattered, celebratory thunderstorms have popped up across the Pineywoods. The rain chances continue through Monday with some cooler temperatures on the way (mid-90s).

But, another heat wave looks to be in our future as we reach back into the triple digits by the end of the week and possibly through the Labor Day weekend.

Keep praying for relief and rain.

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