👮‍♂️Graduation Held for Texas Game Wardens, Texas State Park Police

👮‍♂️31 New Game Wardens, 10 New State Park Police Assigned

👮‍♂️This is the 66th Graduating Class

Numerous high school and college commencements have occurred over the past several weeks across the Lone Star State. The 66th Texas Game Wardens and Texas State Park Police cadet class had their graduation ceremonies on May 31 in Austin.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) announced that this class included 31 game wardens and 10 state park police officers.

Following their eight months of training at the Texas Game Warden Training Center in Hamilton County, the newly commissioned state peace officers were recognized during a special ceremony that included a keynote speaker, oath of office and commissioning by senior-level department staff and TPWD Executive Director David Yoskowitz.

The graduates will begin their new careers stationed in counties and state parks throughout Texas.

As fully commissioned peace officers, game wardens and state park police officers are tasked with enforcing all Texas criminal laws and must enforce the Penal Code, Transportation Code and Health and Safety Codes much like their law enforcement colleagues in neighboring communities. Additionally, they respond to all types of emergency situations, assist other law enforcement agencies and work to educate the public about conservation issues.

Texas Game Wardens are the primary enforcement officers focusing on hunting, fishing and water safety regulations in the state.

Texas State Park Police provide law enforcement services to the visitors and users of state parks and help enforce laws within their local jurisdictions.

All graduates met the state-mandated requirements for peace officer certification, including criminal and constitutional law, firearms, self-defense, use of force, defensive driving, arrest, search and seizure, ethics and first aid.

The new wardens and park police are joining the 515 game wardens and 130 park police officers currently in the field and will help enforce TPWD regulations and carry the department’s high standards to every corner of the state.

These are the new game wardens and park police, and the counties or parks in which they will be stationed:

66th Cadet Class

Chase Fountain/TPWD
Chase Fountain/TPWD

Texas Game Wardens

  • Hunter W. Anderlitch – Calhoun County
  • Branda G. Arispe – Aransas County
  • Cody C. Brown – Webb County
  • Seth R. Brzozowski – McMullen County
  • Garrett W. Chavez – Terrel County
  • Toby T. Davis – Nolan County
  • Hannah C. Eakin – Chambers County
  • Chad T. Fletcher – Chambers County
  • Braden D. Gross – Nueces County
  • Scott R. Heller – Travis County
  • Jacob P. Henderson – Travis County
  • Alberto A. Herrera – Cameron County
  • Anthony A. Holmes – Real County
  • Colby N. Horn – Loving, Winkler and Ward Counties
  • Nicklaus F. Houle – Harris County
  • Scott A. Jennings – Webb County
  • Orion D. Macias – Nueces County
  • John R. Masterson – Harris County
  • Trevor C. Mikos – Zapata County
  • Marshall W. Mohr – Tarrant County
  • Hunter M. Nelson – Webb County
  • Brandon R. New – Jefferson County
  • Salomon Pena – Zapata County
  • Matthew J. Reynolds – Hutchinson and Carson Counties
  • Patrick V. Simpson – Val Verde County
  • Ryan J. Swindell – El Paso County
  • Hannah L. Tant – Matagorda County
  • Lex A. Thompson – Jefferson County
  • Samuel T. Valderas – Harris County
  • Kaleb L. Williams – Zapata County
  • Aaron J. Zarvou – Denton County

Texas State Park Police

  • Armando Aguilar – Inks Lake State Park
  • Ryan P. Blalock – Lake Somerville State Park
  • Gary D. Carter – Garner State Park
  • Ryan E. Friedrichs – Lake Casa Blanca State Park
  • Jake M. Holtman – Colorado Bend State Park
  • Nathan L. Homeier – Devil’s River State Natural Area
  • Kevin K. Lynn – Choke Canyon State Park
  • Garrett D. McClurg – Lake Corpus Christi State Park
  • Spencer P. Pruett – McKinney Falls State Park
  • Jeremiah O. Walker – Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

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