What do you call that side dish made of cubed bread, chicken broth, and maybe some celery and sausage?

See what other people think about what's right and wrong, and then cast your vote to settle this once and for all.

My granny always called it dressing.  Mom always called it stuffing.  And my dad picked the best peace-keeping option based on who was cookin'.

Butterball says it's usually called stuffing if it's cooked inside the bird, and it's called dressing if it's prepared outside of the turkey.  But it can become a regional thing, and folks pick a label based on personal preference, and then it doesn't really matter where it lives inside the oven.

Pinterest says the most pinned "stuffing" recipe is one with sausage in it, and it's been saved 41,000 times.  Yum. What should we call it in Texas?