November is here, and after we celebrate our Veterans, we've got to start thinking about what else we're thankful for.

Some people choose to ignore the facts that Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks or spending time with family, and may even start to stress out a bit with all the visits they'll be having to make during the holiday.


That's exactly what we're trying to poll today. Whether you are excited for, or dreading Thanksgiving, we're interested in who all will be attending multiple celebrations.

Nowadays, groups of friends that are far from their families, host something called "Friendsgiving." Most are probably potluck dinners, unless one lucky group has an obsessive friend that wants to make all the food themselves. (Give me a call, we should hang out some time.)

So between family, friends, in-laws, office luncheons, and volunteering time to the needy, how many Thanksgiving events will you be attending in this month alone?

Also, do you have a cool tradition we've never heard about? Let us know about it in the comment section below.

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