It's written that God works in strange and mysterious ways his wonders to perform.  A Houston area woman can testify to that.  Police say her loud praying stopped a man from sexually assaulting her.

The woman told Fort Bend County deputies she was attacked in her home about 3 a.m. back on September 26th.

She says the man — who looked to be 16 to 18 years old — had sneaked into her house and grabbed her in her bedroom after she finished taking a shower.

When he kept her from grabbing her cell phone, she started praying in a loud voice.  That's when the man gave up and ran out of the house.

The woman was shaken and upset but otherwise unhurt, and deputies are now searching for the man.

Officers say woman's prayer prevented sex assault - Houston Chronicle.

One can argue over the man's reason for breaking off his attempted assault and running away.  One can also argue over whether divine intervention played a role in the incident, but there's no question that the man stopped the assault when the woman started praying.  That's a fact. Make of that what you will.