We finally made it to the end of 2020 and just like everything else since mid-March, we'll probably be celebrating New Year's Eve a little differently than usual. More of us celebrating at home, maybe on a virtual New Year's Eve party with some friends instead of going out to a packed bar for the champagne toast at midnight.

But we'll still be toasting the end of one year and the beginning of another. Here's what the various states have made their most popular drinks according to Zippia.com.

Texas, along with 20 other states, will mostly be toasting champagne. Champagne is the most popular New Year's Eve toast in the nation this year.

Five states, including Maine, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Alabama, and Indiana have chosen to toast the new year with frozen daiquiris.

Kentucky, Missouri, New Mexico, and West Virginia will be throwing back some amaretto sours.

Oklahoma joins Iowa and Nebraska with vodka-cranberries.

And twelve states have favorite New Year's Eve drinks that didn't place first with any other states. New Hampshire will be going with margaritas, Utah picked mimosas, Wisconsinites will be drinking mulled wine, Hawaii will be playing it safe with rum and Coke, if you're in Alaska you'll probably be drinking a screwdriver, Montana's favorite drink is the tequila sunrise, in Ohio it's a gin fizz, Vermont's most popular New Year's Eve toast is a whiskey sour, South Dakota will be going with kamikazes, in Wyoming they're drinking White Russians, Delaware will be going with New Year's Sparklers, and Louisiana it's the sazerac, a cognac and absinthe drink similar to an Old Fashioned.

You can see the complete list and how they figured it all out on Zippia.com.

Whether you celebrate out on the town with friends or with a virtual party from your home, enjoy your New Year's Eve as we bid goodbye to 2020 but please celebrate responsibly.

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