Another Friday, another SeizeTheDeal.Com offer

For the past several Fridays, we've been introducing half-priced offers for restaurants in Lufkin and Nacogdoches. Last week, BBQ and burgers were on the block from S&T Pit Burgers in Lufkin, and prior to that, it was delicious Mexican food from the top-rated El Ranchero in Nacogdoches.

Those half-priced offers are still available at SeizeTheDeal.Com.

What's on the Menu This Time?

Let's head to Hudson, Texas. Take a drive down Highway 94, about a mile west of the Loop in Lufkin, and chances are pretty good you're going to see a packed parking lot at one of the most popular Mexican restaurants in the Lufkin area.

Guacamole's, which will soon be opening a new location in Nacogdoches, serves some Tex-Mex standards, but their extensive menu goes well beyond that. It may take you a while to decide what to choose, but I would suggest their molcajete Guacamole's. You can thank me later.

How Does This Special Offer Work?

This Friday morning at 10 (September 9), this Guacamole's deal will go live. Go to SeizeTheDeal.Com and you'll be able to purchase $50 worth of gift certificates for only $25.  You'll get 2-$25 gift certificates and basically only have to pay for one of them.

Whether you're craving sizzling fajitas, flavorful street tacos, Tex-Mex classics or burritos, Guacamole's Mexican Grill & Cantina has something for everyone!  On some nights, live music will be at the venue, and don't be surprised to walk into some karaoke performances.

Remember, this offer starts at 10 am on Friday.  Save big time on delicious food.

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