Happy September, everybody! That means Labor Day is over, the pop-up Halloween store is halfway sold-out and Burlington Coat Factory has its Christmas stuff on shelves. It also means we have a new batch of local news bloopers from across the nation and around the world. I’ve listed a few of what I think are the highlights below. You can read it or skip it. Totally up to you. Enjoy the funniest news bloopers from August 2019…

  • 2:02 No, you were right. It IS a butt-load of people.
  • 2:23 “The whole week is going to be hot but Thursday is just going to be a BITCH!”
  • 2:45 I guess this is one way to cool down from the last story about it being 1,074 degrees on Thursday
  • 8:08 The local news in Oregon just hasn’t been the same since they legalized mari-a-huana…
  • 8:58 …Aaaand, local news in West Virginia hasn’t been the same since the legalized OxyContin.

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