Cheers! What started as a way to keep struggling businesses afloat during the pandemic may actually become the new normal.

Back in March, Governor Greg Abbott signed a waiver that allowed restaurants to sell alcohol to-go with food purchases, including beer, wine and mixed drinks. He later hinted in a tweet in April that he wanted to make to-go alcohol sales permanent.

The governor made his position official during his opening remarks on the first day of the 2021 legislative session on Tuesday, promising to keep alcohol-to-go sales in Texas, according to

A bill was filed to make to-go sales of alcohol permanent by Senator Kelly Hancock and Representative Charlie Geren back on January 7, but it has yet to pass the necessary stages to become law.

Governor Abbott also asked the Senate and House to work together over the next 100 days, saying the country needs Texas to lead the way:

Over the next 140 days, we have the opportunity to not only respond to the challenges we face, but we also have an opportunity to put Texas on a trajectory to a future of even greater hope and opportunity. Now more than ever, Texans need the Legislature to succeed this session. But equally important, America needs Texas to lead the way. If we do this, then we will chart a course towards a healthier, safer, freer, and more prosperous future for every Texan.

We'll keep an eye on the 2021 legislative session and keep you updated.

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