Ahh, it's that time of year. Mother Nature can't make up her mind on temperature each day, our cars are yellow and gnats annoy the hell out of us. We can finally gather outside on the porch for a nice evening to enjoy nature and buzzzzzz, buzzzzzz, buzzzzzz, those annoying gnats show up. Even with all the citronella you set out, there they are.

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What's sad about the It's A Southern Thing video at the top of the page is that we laugh because all of it is 100 percent truth. Just strolling down the sidewalk, there the gnats are. We try to wash our car, the gnats have super glued themselves to the grill. Our package arrives, we open the door and the gnats sneak in behind us.

I'll be honest, I lost it when they were sticking their fingers in the glasses of wine. I've had this happen so many times trying to enjoy my whiskey outside. Gnats are not my friend so I will not share.

Gnats are about as annoying as mosquito eaters. They get inside our homes or just simply around us and cause dance moves that we never knew we had either avoiding them or trying to swat them.

Do gnats have a purpose? Well kinda. They do help in decomposition and transport nutrients from plant to plant. They are also a nice meal for other insects and birds. (brittneyrvillalva.com) So gnats do offer some, as small as it is, good.

Welcome to Spring time in the South.

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