The eBay auction for the Chicken McNugget that may or may not resemble George Washington finally concluded last week with a high bid of $8,100 — but the winner isn’t willing to part with the scratch.

The seller, Rebekah Speight (who goes by the username spayt on eBay) of Dakota City, NE, apparently stashed the presidential nugget in her freezer for three years before finally deciding the hawk it to help send kids to church camp. But just because the high bidder bailed doesn’t mean those children will be stuck at home watching ‘Jersey Shore’ this summer.

eBay’s rules allow the second-highest bidder, who offered $8,000, to have a shot at the long-frozen prize. And if he or she is no longer interested, the seller has 60 days to work her way through the high bidders to find a taker.

If you too happen to have a McNugget that resembles anyone of note, this is a good time to sell it — Speight’s auction has resulted in a rush of auctions for nuggets that allegedly look like such luminaries as Jay Leno, Mozart, and even Chelsea Handler.