NOTE: Both the movies will be pushed to Oct 31st. Movies start around 7:30 pm, so once you're done trick-or-treating, stop by Festival Plaza to enjoy a free movie with the family.


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Get your blankets, costumes, and the whole family ready!

If it rains on any of our movie nights, those rained out movies will be played on the following week.

Be sure to monitor this page as well as the Free Movies in the Park Facebook page for updates.

All movies are free in a cool and controlled environment. Where else are you going to get an "old school" outdoor movie experience like this? Stay in contact with us to let us know what you'd like to see in the years to come!

As a little bonus, here are a few promo videos we made to get the folks excited about our featured movies. We've been looking forward to making more mini-movies all year!

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