Another big holiday is upon us this weekend. A holiday that requires you to put down the screen and get outside. Its a holiday that dads can share with their sons or their daughters and both may actually have fun doing it. Its a holiday that can be both frustrating but also super relaxing at the same time. That holiday is Free Fishing Day and it happens this Saturday, June 4, across all of Texas.

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Saturday, June 4, anyone can fish any body of water in the state of Texas without a fishing license. For those that already have a license, Saturday is the perfect day to invite a couple of folks onto your vessel to cast their lines with you. Keep in mind, however, that bag and size limits still remain for Saturday.

Free Fishing Day happens the first Saturday of June every year. This allows you to fish public waters where you would normally need a license to do so. You can always fish in a state park without a license, there just might be an entry fee to get into the park. Also, if you have a lake or pond on your property, you don't need a license for that either.

There's been some good fishing in East Texas so far this year. Just look at what's been submitted through the Texas Parks and Wildlife's Toyota Sharelunker Program.

So get out on Lake Palestine or Lake Tyler or Lake Fork or wherever your favorite fishing spot is and share your joy of fishing with someone who doesn't get to do it very often.

We hope to see you on the water Saturday.

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