The stars at night are big and bright? Well, apparently not deep in the heart of Texas. We've all heard about light pollution, right? We all went to the planetarium and heard about how because of all the artificial light we can't see the stars. Well as it turns out, our view of the night sky isn't the only thing that's altered, so are the paths of migrating birds.

The unnecessary intense light obstructs a birds path, leading them to crash into buildings. Millions of birds will be ascending into their fall migration and will fly through Texas, and because most of their flight takes place at night, it's a serious concern for the bird population. So, former First Lady, Laura Bush, is asking Texans to lower or dim their unnecessary lights so that birds can migrate safely through our state.

The former First Lady adds a link to where you can find out more about migrating birds in your area. BirdCast posted a migration alert on Monday saying that the next few nights will likely be one of the largest series of bird migrations in the US this year. In a show of solidarity with the former First Lady, the Dallas skyline will be dimming their lights in an effort to save the lives of migratory birds.

The "Lights Out Texas" campaign ensures that by protecting birds in Texas promotes conservation of bird populations across the Americas. The campaign urges Texas to turn off non-essential nighttime lighting on buildings and other structures during the hours of 11 P.M. to 6 A.M. each night through October 29th. With bird populations declining and 1 out of every 4 birds lost, it's clear to see why this is an important initiative. You can find out more about "Lights Out Texas" by clicking here. 

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