Next time your significant other brings up flirting with other people, remind them that a new study says it's "healthy" if it's with your co-workers. Okay, we are totally just kidding. Please don't use this article to justify having your coworker be your hall pass.

The study was conducted by Washington State University and apparently flirting can help you alleviate stress at work. The article published by WSU said that "light-hearted flirtation and banter among peers" can yield positive results. Positive results for who? Not the jealous significant other that's for sure.

The study is very clear when it comes to the difference between flirtation and the persistent, unwelcome acts of sexual harassment. It's a known fact that being the target of harassment creates stress at work. Assistant Professor Leah Sheppard and her crew discovered that being the recipient of flirtation can relieve stress instead. The polar opposite of sexual harassment, let's make sure we know there is a CLEAR line there.

According to the New York Post, several companies have now started to crack down on flirting at work. My only question here is how does a company actually make sure that the flirting is kept under control? Is there a flirting monitor?

While we are not encouraging you to flirt with a co-worker out of fear of what your significant other might do, we are saying that the study says you can be much happier at work if you do decide to flirt.

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